Dr. Fornaciari

Dr. Paolo Fornaciari completed his FMH (Swiss Medical Association) training in orthopedic surgery in Switzerland, at Fribourg Cantonal Hospital (HFR Fribourg) and Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich. He collaborated with various European universities, including London, Basel, Zurich, and Fribourg.


He conducted a dual thesis in orthopedics in Italy (Faculty of Medicine in Turin) and Switzerland (Faculty of Medicine in Basel) and received a research scholarship from the University of Fribourg for shoulder research.


Dr. Fornaciari also received support from the Swiss Society of Orthopedics and the Resortho Foundation, under the sponsorship of Professor Gerber, for a 6-month fellowship in South Africa focusing on sports surgery (with Dr. De Beer in Cape Town and Dr. Du Plessis in Pretoria).


In the public sector, he held the position of deputy chief physician in charge of shoulder and elbow surgery at the Neuchâtel Hospital Network (RHNe).

Active in scientific research with numerous publications and participation in specialized conferences (https://scholar.google.ch/citations?user=mj9J6JEAAAAJ&hl=it), Dr. Paolo Fornaciari is a regular member of the European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (SECEC).


As a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the shoulder and elbow, Dr. Paolo Fornaciari is an expert in identifying and managing various pathologies of the shoulder and elbow, as well as in prosthetic implantation and arthroscopy techniques. He possesses advanced experience in traumatology, allowing him to identify and manage a broad spectrum of pathologies, both chronic and acute, at different ages of the patient.


In 2024, he co-founded the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Center at Clinique la Source with Dr. Sandrine Mariaux.

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